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Online Chess Academy – Tactics or Strategy First?


Tactics vs Strategy | What Should Chess Beginners Focus On First?

Chess players who are just starting in the game often ask themselves a crucial question: should they focus on tactics or positional strategy? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both approaches for beginner players:

Understanding Chess Tactics and Strategy

Before analyzing the best moves for beginners, it’s essential to understand What does it means to play “tactics” and “positions” in chess?

Chess Tactics

  • Short-term calculated sequences that trap or win over an opponent’s piece in 1-3 moves
  • For example – Forks, Pins, Skewers, Discovered Attacks
  • Focus on capturing tangible advantages through precise moves

Positional Strategy

  • Long-term structural and spatial planning throughout the game
  • For example – Controlling the center, Structuring pawns, Mobilizing forces
  • Focus on restricting opponent’s freedom and scope through the patient build-up

Pros of Prioritizing Tactics for Chess Newcomers

Learning chess tactics as a primary skill has some evident perks:

  • Keener Focus: Tracking fewer moves at a time prevents beginners from getting overwhelmed
  • Faster Returns: Tactical shots provide instant gratification through material gains
  • Builds Pattern Recognition: Identifying recurring tactical motifs like Forks gets easier through practice
  • Wins Quickly Add Up: Landing shots translates to victory much before endgames


A Myriad of Online Tactics Puzzles and Drills

A multitude of free and paid chess tactics servers exist:

  • KingdomOfChess
  • Online Chess Academy India

These allow aspirants to practice critical idea-based and theme-based combinations.

In summary, absorbing tactical theory is less complex than a game of chess for beginners while allowing them to start notching up wins faster.

Merits of Focusing On Chess Strategy As a Beginner

However, prioritizing positional principles early on also holds significant upside:

  • Lays the Right Foundation: Strategy forms the bedrock for progressing to intermediate levels
    Improves Piece
  • Coordination: Learning basic opening skills, spatial principles (control center, open files and diagonals) and endgame techniques pays rich dividends
  • Creates All-round Players: Combining tactics with strategy produces players adept at all phases of the game – opening, middlegame, and endgame
While tactical shots win games, strategic depth wins tournaments! Hence, investing time mastering positional play is advisable. 
Some stellar best online chess academy in India focus specifically on strategic coaching for beginners through interactive classes on spatial principles, gambits, openings and more.

Final Verdict | Strike the Right Balance

In conclusion, rather than choosing between them, striking the optimal balance based on one’s skill level is key:

  • Beginners – Prioritize tactics but complement it with basic strategic principles
  • Intermediate Players – Build more advanced positional skills and endgame techniques while continuing tactical sharpening
  • Advanced Players – Master complex strategies while maintaining world-class tactical precision

The hallmark of eminent players is being elite tacticians and positional virtuosos!

Hope this clears the dilemma between tactics vs positional play for aspiring chess wizards. Stay tuned for more posts on chess fundamentals.

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