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“Kingdom Of Chess was founded in 2015 by Arena Grandmaster Chandrajeet Singh Rajawat as an online Chess Academy”

At Kingdom of Chess Academy Udaipur we have trained and taught 1500+ students from 20+ countries for 30000 hours. We now have two office and offline Academies, as well as a team of 20 young people dedicated to the development of our students.

This is evident in our students’ achievements, which include numerous national and international awards, as well as certain students reaching World Championships in various categories and competing for the highest title of World Champion.


Trainers at the best chess academy in Rajasthan, India are *International Chess Players and *Certified Chess Coaches with a combined experience of 6 years. They are trained at Kingdom of Chess Academy before becoming a trainer, and they use the same teaching method, database, and assignments that have produced many champions. As a result, we can guarantee high-quality instruction, as seen by our results. We've also collaborated with some of the top schools in the world, including The British School in Delhi, The American School in Ardee, Delhi, and Crossroads School in Udaipur. Working with them and getting crucial insights into how to effectively interact with young children.

Our Motto

At the best Chess Academy In India, we not only teach chess, but we also focus on teaching vital Life Skills such as Imagination, Calculation, Creativity, Strategic Planning, Teamwork, Difficult Decision Making, Strong Mindset, Discipline, Fearlessness, and Sportsmanship, among our students.

Sky is the limit

Everyone begins everything as a hobby and subsequently discovers their true passion. As a result, we are always prepared, regardless of what level our students achieve. We have best chess coaches for all levels, so you won't have to switch Academies. We will be there for you once you join Kingdom of Chess Academy until you reach the promotion square and beyond.

Major Achievements

Students at the best chess academy have played and fought for the highest title in Chess the World Championships, qualifying after winning medals at Nationals. 

Our students have also won numerous other awards at International, National and state/zonal levels.

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We specialize in teaching young children, emphasizing the need of strong fundamentals from the start. At Kingdom of Chess Udaipur, we have our own structured course and database that we follow; it was created after years of experimentation and observation.

Our engaging and dynamic offline and online chess coaching methods encourage kids to learn even the most difficult aspects of the game. On our chess platform, we use a point system, quizzes, assignments, leader boards, and other features to encourage healthy competition and a desire to learn.

  • Expert at working with young children and teaching them through fun and engaging techniques.
  • Our goal is to use chess to assist children increase their mental ability, analytical abilities, imagination, creativity, and concentration.
  • We work on developing Confidence Equilibrium, Fearlessness and Calmness, Discipline, and other aspects of sports psychology for competitive athletes.
  • We also feel that playing is an important part of learning and applying what you've learned, which is why we hold tournaments and practise sessions on a weekly basis. We also have analysis sessions where we go over the games we've played.
  • We place a strong emphasis on the foundation. Fundamentals and principles are taught in a fun manner so that they can begin their chess journey to becoming an excellent player in the right direction.