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The Impressive Chess Career of Divya Deshmukh


The Impressive Chess Career of Divya Deshmukh


Divya Deshmukh is an emerging chess prodigy in India who has achieved remarkable accomplishments at 17 years old. She is a rising star in competitive chess.


Key Achievements

  • Won the 2022 Women’s Indian Chess Championship
  • Secured individual bronze medal at the 2022 Chess Olympiad
  • Part of the gold medal-winning Indian team at the 2020 Online Chess Olympiad
  • Ranked 7th among women chess players in India as of September 2023
  • Won the 2023 Asian Women’s Chess Championship in Almaty

Performance at the 2023 Tata Steel India Chess Tournament

Deshmukh delivered a standout performance at the 2023 Tata Steel India Chess Tournament. Some highlights:

Display of Skill and Potential

  • As the lowest-seeded player, her winning the women’s rapid event demonstrates immense skill and potential.
  • Her ability to defeat and draw with world-class players shows she can compete at the highest levels.
  • At just 17 years old, she has many prime chess-playing years ahead.

The Future is Bright for Deshmukh

Deshmukh has a bright future in competitive chess with her natural talent and rapid progress at such a young age.

On Track for the Top

  • Currently ranked 7th among women players in India, she is on track to become India’s next chess star.
  • She displays the determination and prodigious ability to win world championships potentially. 
  • Chess fans eagerly anticipate her continued rise in the competitive ranks.

An Inspiration for Aspiring Chess Players

  • Her achievements inspire aspiring chess players in India and beyond.
  • She demonstrates that dedication and skill development from a young age can lead to chess mastery.

Cultivating the Next Generation through Online Chess Classes

Deshmukh’s rise shows the importance of high-quality online chess classes for cultivating future talent.

  • Online chess academies provide affordable, flexible chess learning for students of all levels.
  • With expert coaching and regular practice, aspiring players can hone their skills.
  • Online classes make chess education accessible, helping identify and train the next generation of champions.


Divya Deshmukh’s rapid rise in competitive chess shows immense potential for this young Indian prodigy. Her standout performances against top players and victory in the Tata Steel India Women’s Rapid event demonstrate world-class skill. At just 17, Deshmukh is already ranked 7th in India and continues to impress. Her success proves dedication and practice from a young age can cultivate chess mastery. Deshmukh has a bright future ahead, and her achievements inspire aspiring players to follow in her footsteps. With further development, she is poised to reach new heights and lead the new era of Indian chess. Deshmukh’s talent, work ethic, and results position her to become India’s next chess champion on the global stage.

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