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Online Chess Academy in India

Why Kingdom of Chess The Best Chess Academy In India

Online Chess Academy in India

Trained National and International Medalists and World Championship Participants

Online Chess Academy in India

Access to Our Unique Chess Learning Platform.

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Our Exclusive Course which has created numerous champions.

Online Chess Academy in India

Weekly Assignments and Quizzes for better grasping of concepts.

Online Chess Academy in India

Weekly Academy tournaments, preparing students for higher level competition from early on.

Online Chess Academy in India

Highly Qualified , International Rated and Certified Trainers

Trained National and International Medalists and World Championship Participants

Access to Our Unique Chess Learning Platform.

Our Exclusive Course which has created numerous champions.

Weekly Assignments and Quizzes for better grasping of concepts.

Weekly Academy tournaments, preparing students for higher level competition from early on.

Highly Qualified , International Rated and Certified Trainers


The Best Online Chess Academy in India

  • Kingdom Of Chess was founded by Arena Grandmaster Chandrajeet Singh Rajawat.
  • Kingdom of Chess has Trained over 1500+ students from 20+ countries since 2015
  • Our Students Have won International & National Awards, reached World Championships and marked their presence in the top.
  • Aims to promote chess and use it to develop important skills in students.
  • Kingdom of Chess also provide training and offline chess classes in Udaipur, Rajasthan.
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How Chess is Beneficial For Your Kids

  • Allows your child to enter in a flow state.
  • Boost up innovation and creativity skills and guide to improve planning skills.
  • Your child will learn how to assess, synthesize, and correctly apply knowledge, which will help to shape critical thinking.
  • Teaches your youngster about the impact of mindset and values on performance.
  • Chess tournaments and competitions teach your youngster confidence, problem-solving skills, and teamwork. Understand that actions have consequences and how to win and accept defeat with dignity.




Innovative Thinking

Best Online Chess Academy in India


Best Online Chess Academy in India

Obstacle Resolving


Outcome Formulation

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What Students Say About Kingdom of Chess Academy

How does Chess help in Skills Development?

Chess has long been the game of gentlemen, geniuses, philanthropists, and other talented human beings. This has shaped an extremely huge misconception around the world that most effective geniuses and proficient human beings can play the game and it’s far strictly designed for them.

If a person asked to name the primary matters that come to their mind when they hear about ‘chess players’, it might be ‘vintage’’, ‘smart’, ‘talented’, ‘genius’, and plenty of different matters unrelated to everyday humans. but once more, this is a false impression – it is a fake perception injected into people by mass media.

The fact of chess is exclusive – it is simply a really useful activity because playing chess results in better mental functioning, advanced reminiscence, and cognitive competencies, strategic wandering, and attention improvement. All of these advantages are directly related to the practice of chess, both in actual life and virtual environments, which means that chess is the answer to the question – ‘Is there a game where you can have fun and get benefits from?’

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Career Scope in Chess

The scope of career as a chess master is for those people who have an inborn passion for the chess game. However, a player must have the capability to make rapid decisions and make plans in advance. If you’re one person who likes to play chess on vacation with friends or on the computer, then this is the best career option for you.

A profession as a chess player involves taking part in ladder-structured tournaments with one-on-one competitions with different chess games on the classic game of chess. The work stays largely on a freelancing basis, but some might also truly select to use their knowledge about the game of chess to get occupations in related fields. Many teach chess at colleges and schools, while others chess masters write on blogs and websites related to chess.

While it is hard to signify the fine direction to soak up in this career, the most applicable route sought by most younger gamers is to participate at entry-level tournaments and try to use worthwhile results to get beneficial sponsorships for the next-level tournaments, which require huge amounts of deposits.

Many chess players in Udaipur play chess but depend upon it as a secondary source of earnings. They’ll take part in different chess tournaments in Rajasthan merely as a hobby, as a way of secondary earnings, or maybe a way of primary earnings.

One can also want to vary gambling rules that may curtail prison chess tournaments. Some international places do not permit tournaments in which players are required to pay an access rate, however prize cash is allowed. Information can be discovered online about rules and regulations in one-of-a-kind nations.
A chess player should get registered by way of their country-wide forums, in particular, if they’re affiliated with the international chess federation (FIDE) or global chess foundation that is responsible for ranking players from everywhere in the world, amongst many different things.

There aren’t any essential qualifications for a profession as a chess player.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of playing chess in detail:

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    To book a demo class with the Best Online Chess Academy in India you can simply click here or contact us at +91-79765-89576 or email to:, or you can directly visit us at our physical location: Kingdom of Chess, 3rd floor, Near Srinath hospital, Navratan Complex, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

    If you're a parent, you probably believe that your child is clever and the smartest of them all, and you're not wrong. In his or her own special way, each youngster is distinctive and intelligent. However, sometimes you make a lifelong mistake by pressuring your child to do something at an early age and then being dissatisfied when the outcome isn't what you expected.

    If you've decided to teach your child chess but are concerned about his or her age, keep in mind that you must know how to begin your child's chess journey at the Best Chess Academy In India. To better understand the scenario please visit us at or you can simply dial up +91-79765-89576 or email to:

    Chess lessons with FIDE certification are the finest way to learn chess online! We are excited to welcome you to the Kingdom of Chess Institute and have you join our skilled and dedicated online chess coaching.

    The course at Kingdom of Chess Academy Udaipur is designed in 4 categories, namely:

    • Beginner Level
    • Intermediate Level
    • Advanced Level
    • Master Level

    The course duration for Chess Classes In Udaipur is 4, 8, 12, and 16 Months.

    We, at kingdom of chess, are dedicated towards making your child a better player at chess. Our young and experieced team of International Fide Rated trainers will upskill your child to not only a better player but a motivated and confident individual.

    The Kingdom of Chess Academy Udaipur along with chess training also focuses on key Life Skills that we teach to our students like Imagination, Calculation, Creativity, Strategic Planning, Teamwork, Difficult Decision Making, Strong Mindset, Discipline, Fearlessness, and Sportsmanship.

    We specialise in teaching young children, emphasising the importance of solid foundations from the beginning. We have our own structured course and database that we follow at the Kingdom of Chess Udaipur; it was developed after years of testing and observation.

    Fun and interactive online chess coaching methods at Best Chess Academy In India, motivate students to master even the most challenging areas of the game. To stimulate healthy competition and a desire to learn, we use a point system, quizzes, assignments, leader boards, and other features in our chess platform.

    We have trained and taught 1500+ students from 20+ nations for 30000 hours at the Kingdom of Chess Academy Udaipur. We currently have two office and offline Academy, as well as a team of 20 young people committed to our students' progress.

    *International Chess Players and *Certified Chess Coaches with a total experience of 6 years at the best chess academy in Rajasthan, India. Before becoming a trainer, they are taught at Kingdom of Chess Academy, and they use the same teaching style, database, and assignments that have produced numerous champions. Alongwith chess students also develops a lot of things like learning patience & discipline from chess.

    Chess and creativity: the perfect combination, makes your mind sharper, faster, and more efficient, as well as making you stand out. World leaders have a lot in common when it comes to thinking beyond the box. Chess and business strategy have numerous similarities, according to data. One thing that great entrepreneurs like Peter Thiel, Richard Branson, and Elon Musk have in common is that they are all serial entrepreneurs. They were all chess players!

    Listen to the Best Chess Trainer In Rajasthan and enroll your child now. Chess not only makes your child imaginative, but it also makes them innovative. It bestows upon them the ability to think long-term, to be imaginative, creative, idealistic, and so on.

    To attend online chess coaching, you need a reliable internet connection, a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

    The duration of online chess classes is 45 mins, which is scientifically proven best for focus retention.

    The benefits of online chess learning include flexibility, convenience, personalized instruction, access to a global community of chess players, and the opportunity to improve your chess skills from the comfort of your home.

    After this course, child's concentration and focus is going to improve and he will be able to compete in tournaments.