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6 Do’s of Parenting

How parents interact with their children, including the warmth and support they offer, can impact their emotional and social development.

Babies are sponges for information and keen observers of their surroundings.

Furthermore, the values and expectations that parents communicate to their children can influence their behavior and decision-making.

Best Parenting Tips

Here are 10 ways to help you be a better parent and raise an independent, self-assured, and compassionate child.

1. Be a good role model:

Kids might not follow your advice. They will follow your example.

The baby will pick up on your kindness, patience, and respect if you treat others with these virtues.

Babies will try your patience at times that can be challenging. Keep your cool and be patient. Show the child compassion and kindness while also modeling it for them. This will aid in their social growth and empathetic development.

2. Let them face hurdles

Encourage their independence and openness to new experiences. Permit them to go outside and play, explore, and learn. Allow them to get dirty, get hurt, and learn from their mistakes.

3. Spend Time Every Day

Spending time with babies is essential for their growth and well-being.

Play with them – Babies enjoy playing and exploring. You can accompany the baby by playing with toys, reading books, or engaging in other activities they enjoy.

Talk with them – Babies are still developing their communication skills. It’s essential to talk and give them opportunities to express themselves.

Physical affection -Babies long for physical touch and adore being held, cuddled, and kissed.

Take a walk – Not only will this give you both a chance to connect and converse, but the baby will enjoy the sights, sounds, and sensations of being outside.

4. Teach them How to Socialize

Babies require interaction with others to develop their social skills. Encourage them to play with other kids and make new friends. Parents must provide a safe, nurturing setting that fosters the growth of social skills in their children.

5. Appreciate little Efforts

Praise is an excellent way to encourage positive behavior. When praising the baby, use a cheerful and enthusiastic tone to make them feel appreciated and motivated.

Instead of general statements, be specific about what you are praising the baby for. For instance, rather than saying ‘good job’, say “good job picking up the toy”.

6. Encourage them to play sports

Kids who participate in sports not only benefit physically, but also mentally and intellectually. They develop patience and learn the value of sportsmanship. It also sharpens their cognitive abilities.



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